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Ace your Holiday Campaigns this Festive Season with Tyroo

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Top Reasons to have happier holidays on Snapchat

Win this season with Snapchat

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Consumers love to mark moments of celebration with buying something for themselves or someone else.
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Consumers feel AR lenses and filters make the celebration more fun.
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Shoppers agree that getting gifts is an essential part of celebration.

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Tap into the Pinterest Powerhouse

83% Users feel inspired by the shopping /browsing experience on Pinterest. 2.4x as likely to say they made a purchase based on branded content they saw on Pinterest compared to other social media platforms. Pinners are in a future mindset Reach them while they’re planning!

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Users feel inspired by the shopping /browsing experience on Pinterest.
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Users feel they spent more than they expected to spend as a result of shopping on Pinterest.
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Users who brought from a brand explored more products from that brand.

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